I create businesses, aggregate data, analyze data, write, consult, and study businesses.

My first business sold to iVillage, which was eventually sold to GE. My second business was sold to Avery Dennison. At Avery, while in their new business group, I created another business licensed to GE; I joined GE to integrate that work.

I created a business focused on mortgage and foreclosure information; the data was cited and used by the TARP oversight committee (SigTARP), the ACLU, Congress, the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, and others. My research has also been cited in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, Time Magazine, and other publications.

Currently I enjoy a quiet life as a research fellow at INSEAD where I have published the remarkable history of Marvel, linked to here at Harvard Business School Press, and I am working on other projects.

My undergraduate degree is in Communicative Information Systems and I hold a JD. I focus on the intersection of business, economics, and law.

I occasionally speak and enjoy discussing interesting business challenges.

Please write to me, Michael, at mfolenick@gmail.com.